Why Install UltraVue Screens?

What is UltraVue?

UltraVue are screens for windows and doors that are high temperature and water resistant. They provide protection against pests, dirt and other unwanted external pollutants while maintaining a very clear view outside your home. Also, utilizing new patented Water Shed Technology™, are highly efficient and environmentally friendly.


Provides super clear views

Do you have a home next to a view so beautiful outside your windows, and you want to enjoy the fresh spring air but can’t seem to appreciate your afternoon view because your screens just don’t seem to be transparent enough? Well, that’s not the case for these screens. Compared to other regular screens, UltraVue allows you to enjoy your summer days (and nights) by  protecting your home from unwanted pests and pollutants while providing you with the clearest view of the outdoors.

Utilizes new patented technology

With UltaVue Screens, it allows you to protect your home but keep a maximum and crisper level of viewing experience. This is because of Phifer’s new patented Water Shed Technology. The Water Shed Technology provides a hydrophobic (water-resistant) coating that repels water along with the dirt and grime that comes with it. Preventing fast accumulation and frequent dirty screens.

Remains Clean Longer

Due to the water shed technology, this water and dirt resistant screen is way easier to clean than you think. With just a few wipes and a run of water, you can bid farewell to countless hours struggling to clean your screens or the hassle of spending more money to hire a cleaning company. Simplicity at its finest.

Reduces your electric bills

 With the clearer view and less money spent on hiring cleaning services, you will be more inspired to turn the fan or A/C off and open your windows. If you have UltraVue installed, it keeps the hot air outside and cooler air inside and allows for a smooth and natural air flow in your home for you to relish in the spring breeze without the need for excessive electrical appliances. Same goes for the light it brings due to the ever-so clear view. No need to waste electricity on lamps or overhead lights.  

Manufactured locally

If you care about locally made products, or is part of the Support Local community, then these screens are for you. Manufactured and supplied in the United States, you’ll be able to support your local community of hard-working men and women taking part in the construction and development of this innovative technology.

If you want to elevate your comfort at home and genuinely enjoy spending time indoors with the beauty of the outside world, you can try out UltraVue screens. Here at Mobile Screen Repair, we offer UltraVue window/door screening and installation done right at your home. So you can further boost your home-stay experience without the inconvenience of endless cleaning or power usage. And instead, sit back, relax and enjoy the Vue.