5 Reasons Security Screen Doors are Worth Investing In

5 Reasons Security Screen Doors are Worth Investing In

The comfort of your home relies on its safety. With the door being the first line of defense in your home, it is crucial that it can bear protection against unwanted visitors or uncontrollable environmental situations, provide maximum security and peace of mind in your household.  With that being said, what is a better way to protect your home through its first line of defense than with a security screen door? We will be exploring the 5 Reasons why security screen doors are worth investing in.

1. Stronger Frames, ultimate protection

Imagine a cool evening where you decide to open your doors and slide out your screen for a cold evening breeze to roll in only to realize that when you stepped out for a couple of minutes, someone had already broken in and stolen your valuables. Easy as that right? Regular aluminium screen doors have the risk of being broken into either through weaponry or even as simple as being kicked down placing your household at risk.

With a security screen on the other hand, you needn’t worry as much about such risk as the odds of that happening are much lower in comparison. Unlike the aluminium screen doors, security screen doors have stronger frames varying from materials like Metal Alloy or Steel (steel being the strongest and most preferred material of choice). Ranging from a 3 inch to 6 inch wide frames compared to the usual 2-4 inch wooden or aluminium frames, this will ensure a sturdier screen door for better protection.

2. Great Ventilation

Another great side to security screen doors is that while it does have thicker frames and provide more protection, you can still enjoy its purpose as a screen door as it provides your home with great ventilation and light during those nice summer days while you enjoy the safety of your house. Too bright or too much heat? You can always opt to upgrade your screen to a solar screen as there are multiple benefits to installing solar screens to your screen door.

3. Variety of Designs

Generally when we think of protective products, we think Boring, rigid or plain designs. Concerned that perhaps installing a security screen will ruin the balance or aesthetic of your mid-century modern house? With security screen doors, you don’t have to worry about that as you can choose from a variety of styles, designs and colors to match the image of your home. Styles can range from straightforward grills or more artistic components like Titan’s Spaniard Copperclad Security Screen Door. It’s practical yet pleasing to the eye.

4. Return your investment and add value to your home.

With great design and performance comes great value. And the security screen can do just that. If a time comes when you decide to resell or have your property rented out, having a custom security screen can add significant value to your home proving to be a safe house to stay in for prospective buyers or renters.

If your security screen comes with a custom design matching the architecture and theme of your home, buyers or renters may be impressed at the effort given and might consider your house as a better purchase/rental. Your investment of a few hundred dollars can definitely come rolling back.

5. Saves money in the long run

With maximum protection and great ventilation, security screen doors can help you save on electrical bills as you can leave your main doors open for light and air to breeze through while feeling secure. Taking as well into consideration the quality of the screen door; with a good quality security screen door, its wear and tear life span is much less compared to your average screen making you less likely to make repeat purchases throughout the years. Also, the less risk you have with items in your home getting stolen, the more money you can save in the long run.  

Even though good quality security screen door prices range from $999 upwards, all its benefits definitely make the investment worth it because there is no price for the number one priority which is you and your family’s protection.