5 Benefits of Installing Solar Screens for Windows and Doors

Screens on windows and doors are part of the basic necessity of all households looking to protect their homes from insects, pests and more while maintaining good airflow. But did you know that you could take it one step further and enjoy more benefits? Are you looking to protect your home from more than just pests but from the heat of the sun as well? Is your pet giving you a hard time by constantly scratching and destroying your screen causing an endless loop of repeat purchasing? Then solar screens are best for you.

In this blog post, we explore the 5 Benefits of Installing Solar Screens for Windows and Doors

So if you’d like to find the solution to your damaged screens and repeat purchasing of regular screens for your doors, keep on reading to understand the 5 Benefits of Installing Solar Screens for Windows and Doors

1. Reduce Furniture and Home Interior Damage

With the suns heat pouring in on a hot day through your screen, it isn’t a surprise you notice your wooden floorboards raising or your leather furniture starting to peel as the weeks go by. This is due to your regular screen being unable to protect your home from the sun’s heat enabling it to cause high temperature damage and weathering to your furniture, floors and any other object within its radius.

When using solar screens, the darker tint and materials used prevent up to 90% of the sun’s heat from penetrating the screen. Allowing for less harmful effects from the rays of the sun affect your home. Save your furniture and the awesome interior at your place by installing solar screens. Are you on a budget? You can strategically place solar screens at the sun-facing areas of your home.

2. Reduces Glare

With much sunlight comes overcast and much overcast with a clear window screen equals lots of glare. Glares cause headaches, eye discomfort and can make reading or watching television not enjoyable. Solar screens can change these due to its darker mesh material; It can reduce overcast glares and save you a whole lot of headaches and you can enjoy your leisurely time that much more.

3. Provides Some Privacy

Want to open your windows and doors because of a lovely day outside and to let some of that fresh air in? You totally can! But if you live in an area or subdivision with a concentrated population of homeowners and passer-byers you might end up rethinking opening your highly transparent regular screens for the whole world to see the day to day activities and other things that occur in your home.

To prevent this, solar screens provide a darker cover enabling more privacy for you and your family. Kind of like a dark tint on your car windows. So you get to enjoy fresh air rolling into your home without the fear of being seen or watched from any people passing by outside.

4. UV Rays Protection

In places located in warm climates and surrounded by year round hot weather, it is only given that Ultra violet radiation protection is a must. With the suns heat blazing through your home especially during summer time, it can be very harmful to your family and pets. Even if you think you’re indoors, as long as your windows are exposed and light is coming in, you are exposed to UV rays.

A large portion of UVB rays that causes sunburn may be blocked by the glass of your window but more than 50% of pre-mature ageing-causing UVA rays can penetrate through.

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Now imagine if your windows were both open and using only a regular screen. Kinda scary right? With solar screens installed, you can help protect you and anyone else in your household from potential skin cancer risks and premature skin damage.

The solar screen maybe darker but it sure is safer than having the suns rays blasting your home with ultraviolet radiation.

5. Money Saving and Budget Friendly!

You might be thinking that with all these benefits comes a heavy price tag. Quite the contrary actually! If we’re thinking long-term, these solar screens help reduce costs of cooling your home down due to the prevention of up to 90% of the sun’s heat. Not needing the AC or other air coolers to run full blast all the time consuming precious electricity (depending on how many windows and coverage you have). And initial installation doesn’t cost nearly as much as a high-efficiency tinted window. Also, with the darker mesh comes stronger material too, so you can expect a solar screen to last longer than a regular screen. Worth the price right?

In short, these 5 benefits of solar screens for windows and doors make installing them worth every penny to ensure comfortable living in both, hot or mixed climates.

Here in Mobile Screen Repair @ Your Service, we offer screening of solar screens for your windows, sliding screen doors, swinging screen doors and more. Because we care about the protection of you, your beautiful home and everything else with it. Keep in mind these 5 benefits of solar screens for windows and doors on your next screen hunt to try next level comfort and efficiency at your home.

Posted by Dana Novales